Earn Income through Affiliate Marketing

I write this very first blog for my friends who want to know how Affiliate Marketing works but to, most of all, those who want to earn a little bit of an extra income. Well, my journey to internet marketing is taken on the spur of the moment. Let me share you my story because there is a lesson tagged with it.

I was travelling from Abu Dhabi to Manila on economy seat at the second to last row from the plane’s tail. Quite comfy, though. Beside me is a gentleman in his 20’s whom I, later, come to know, is transiting from Germany to Philippines. Feeling bored travelling by myself, I started to converse, “Are going to Philippines for vacation?”. The gentleman replied, “I am going there partly for vacation and mainly business.” Intriguing as it may sound, I couldn’t help but asked “What is the nature of your business, if you don’t mind?”

A “gentleman in his 20’s” and “business” usually don’t come together. Yet, he replied, “Have you ever heard of Internet Marketing? Well, that’s my business.” And this was the very first line that got my attention and ever since, believe me, I did a tremendous amount of research about this fuzzy buzzling rumorous income-generating strategy without even making your own products to sell that sends him all over the world, travelling. And it turns out to be a huge thing in the internet world. So, here I am, joining the caravan of love.

Oh! What is the lesson behind my story? “Start your business small, never be too ambitious for a bigger project. Make dozens of this, so called, small scale business and work your way up. If you fail to one project, it won’t hurt much.” Thanks to the gentleman I met on the plane, this has been my goal from now on.

Let’s get started. As any other ordinary business, before we jump into the ocean, let us understand, first, what lies beneath.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It simply means selling  or marketing other people’s products and services to consumers. In every purchase the customer makes, you get a percentage of commission out from it. Might be much of a cliché, so to speak, but whatever, let’s take advantage of it! Let’s put it this way.


I recommend you to read more about it here before we move on:

Here is the exciting part! Your baby step towards online marketing. Make sure you get a grasp of what is it through the article I gave you above.

Step 1: Sign up with Merchants’ Affiliate Programs or Affiliate Network sites

I recommend we start with Amazon.com for being easy to setup and the links are approved by Facebook. It means, you can start marketing right now without building a website. Do you a Facebook account? I’m sure you do! Amazon is one of the biggest online shop in the world. It offers consumers anything they need and at the same time, a perfect venue for affiliates to hang out.

Sign up on Amazon Affiliate Program and follow instructions.

Step 2: Build your website

Here comes a bit of a hard work but don’t get to tekky about it. Here are a few of the website builder available online. It’s free but you may want to upgrade later to premium if your traffic goes bigger. But remember, “start small” 😉 Building a website has never been easy nowadays. Thanks to these website builders. Explore the links below and see which site suits your purpose. It may require a little background of HTML but don’t worry you’ll survive.

Here are 2 free website builder I know:

  • WordPress.com (so you may know, this blog site is created through WordPress.com)
  • Wix

An example of website on Wix is via Marconi

But! You can start marketing right away even if you don’t have a website yet. You can use your personal Facebook account to paste links from Amazon.com.

Read here to find out how:

Step 3: Start Marketing and Monetize

For this blog, we will only cover marketing of Amazon.com on Facebook. Follow the step below easy steps:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon.com affiliate account. Click here.
  2. After signing in, it will take you to your affiliate account Home page. Scroll down until you see “Recommended for You”.

amazon3.png3. Hover your mouse over one of the items that interests you to sell. When a “Get Link” button appears, click it. It will take you to a page where you can customize how you want to share the product.


4. Click “Text Only”, then, click “Short Link” as shown circled in red below. By doing that will generate a short link for you to expose anywhere in your website (if you have one) or on your personal Facebook page. Copy the link.


5. Then, Paste the link on your personal Facebook profile page as an ordinary post and see. Voila! That’s it.


The rest is up to you. Everytime an online shopper clicks on your posted link on Facebook, it will be tracked by Amazon.com. To check how many clicks or revenue you have from your links, login in to your affiliate account and check out the home page.

Easy! Right? Watch for more blogs, reviews and tutorials here in InTownPod. Share this to your friends and to whoever needs it.

If you have questions, please do connect.